Spiritual Pathway

The spiritual pathway is the path of enlightenment.

Welcome to your evolutionary journey.

Let’s be honest, your spiritual awakening isn’t exactly what you were expecting and it comes without warning. Devastating and magical in equal measure, it’s deep, dark, and only by going within will you find your way out – your unique authentic soul self.

Take your time and know in your heart that you are loved and always exactly where you need to be. Trust yourself, trust the universe, it’s all divine timing… You got this.

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We’d like to help you step in to the journey of re-discovery with us.

The journey back to yourSelf.

You will undertake your journey on your own but we invite you to walk alongside us – we’ll guide you towards the learning, the tools, the lightworkers, the wisdom, the events and the knowledge that we’ve discovered together along the way.

"We are all just walking each other home"

Ram Dass

The Spiritual Pathway

The links below will support your search for answers as you step into your own journey of self-discovery.

Where possible, this information comes from lightworkers – those that have been studying and practicing their gifts/subjects for a decade or more. The links chosen are not necessarily (and usually not at all) from high ranking websites, but our aim is to shine a light on the esoteric knowledge and wisdom that exists within the 144 community, lightworkers that have dedicated their life to uncovering the laws and secrets of the universe that lit a divine spark in them.

Shout out to the first wave, on whose shoulders we all stand much taller… thank you for your service x

Our spiritual pathway section grows by the day - please bear with us, we're actively pulling this together as a more complete guide.

If you come across links on your journey that will help others along the path of enlightenment, please forward me the URL in order that I can add them to the relevant page. Where i’ve missed a subject completely, please let me know to add a new page.

I really appreciate any help our community can support me with on this, to provide an impartial guide and point of reference for newly awakened souls in search of answers – we all know none of us can possible have all the answers, right?

Please don’t forward links from websites that are supported by Advertising pop-up’s – this is not where the real esoteric wisdom exists.

Send me a link to The Emeral Tablets for example… we be talking the same language. For a full list of topics, or site map, see here »

Thank you x

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