"What's happening to me?"

If every illusion you built about yourself, your life and the world we live in just came crashing in, it could it be that you are at the start of a spiritual awakening.

If so, welcome to your evolutionary journey.
Stop, breathe… we’re here to help.

This is a safe, positive space.

You're amongst friends.

LightCircles is a collaborative project, we’ve had our calling, found each other and are walking the path of spiritual awakening together.

We’d like to help you step in to the journey of re-discovery too. The journey back to yourSelf.

This is a journey you will undertake on your own but we invite you to walk alongside us – we’re here to guide you towards the wisdom, knowledge and healing that we’ve discovered along the way.

Thank you for being here,
All our love to you.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

The path of self-discovery (rediscovery)

= Death of the illusion(s)

+ Death of the ego

(Dark Night of The Soul)

Suddenly, you see everything exactly as it is – every false narrative and illusion you built about the world and yourself crumbles in front of you. It’s a lonely, desperate place, you won’t really understand what is happening to you and nor will those around you. It feels like everything is falling apart and it is. You are in metamorphis. You will hope and pray for someone to come save you from the darkness and then you realise… that person is you.

YOU are the one you have been waiting for.

This is where LightCircles aims to help. Our vision is to create an impartial guide and signposting tool to help you discover the resources and tools you’ll need as you slowly start to rebuild your belief system and life structure – as your authentic self, a beautiful, unique expression of spirit.

hawk feather

Who are we?

We’re the awakened ground crew, prophesised Warriors of the Rainbow – the 144,000 – an army of pure-hearted souls, angels & lightworkers from all over the universe. We come in peace and we’re here to help.

This is The Great Awakening.
Where we go one, we go all.

#thegreatawakening #wwg1wga

The spiritual pathway is the path of enlightenment.

Welcome to your evolutionary journey.

Let’s be honest, your spiritual awakening isn’t exactly what you were expecting and it comes without warning. Devastating and magical in equal measure, it’s deep, dark, and only by going within will you find your way out – your unique authentic soul self.

Take your time and know in your heart that you are loved and always exactly where you need to be. Trust yourself, trust the universe, it’s all divine timing… You got this.

The spiritual pathway

The 144,000

The Akashic Records

Ancestral/Timeline Healing

Angels/Ascended Masters

Astrology/Birth Chart

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

The Chakra System

Crystals and Stones

The Dark Night of the Soul

Delores Cannon

The Divine Feminine


Energy, Frequency, Vibration

The Galactic Federation



Herbs and Weeds




Karmic Debt/Life Lessons

The Law of Attraction

Ley Lines/Earth Energy

Lunar Cycles


(The Human) Mind

Nikola Tesla



Off-grid Living

Oracle Cards

Path of the Ancients 

Personality types

The Pineal gland




Psychics & Intuitives



Shadow Work


Sisterhood of the Rose

Soul Family

Spirit Animals/Totems




Twin Flames/Soul Counterparts

Warriors of the Rainbow

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