Crystals & Stones

Crystals & Stones

Use of crystals in healing includes;

To align the chakras, where stones are placed on one, multiple, or all seven chakras at once

In meditation, where crystals are typically placed in a geometric configuration around the meditator

To support emotional healing, mindfulness and yoga

crystals and stones

In native cultures there are two important principals when it comes to crystal healing, meditation, and respect.

Meditation varies from person to person but usually includes good thoughts and a healthy mindset when handling crystals.

In Native American culture crystals are considered an entity and you must show respect to the stones, you can also show respect to the crystals through respect of the Earth. In native traditions they can use the crystals by wearing them to benefit from healing vibrations.

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Crystalline Cities of Light

The Crystalline Cities of Light embody the energy of pure, Divine Love, peace and purity, and act as a dimensional gateway for many of the Beings of Light from On High to connect with the awakened Souls on this Earth plane. In Golden Ages of Light, many initiates of Light would find themselves walking up a spiral of crystal stairs, into a beautiful Crystalline City of Light. Greeted by Christed extra-terrestrials and higher dimensional Light Beings they would experience various Healing Chambers of Light, celestial musical transmissions, interdimensional creations of geometry and art, and a deepening of their connection to all Life in Love.

8 Crystals to Help You Maintain Emotional Balance

Are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed with your emotions? Perhaps a lot of negative thoughts are going through your mind lately? Perhaps you need some emotional healing.

If you’re new to the crystal scene, you may still be confused about which crystal does what. While a lot of crystals have multiple uses, some are the best for specific functions, such as emotional healing. When going through tough times, here are some of the best crystals that can help you heal and maintain emotional balance:

5 Crystals to Start Your Collection and What They Do

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While there are many fun crystals to collect, and believe me we are addicted to collecting, we chose five that are absolutely essential for your starter pack collection! ENJOY and HAPPY COLLECTING!

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