The Template

The Template

The Template is a Holonomic Model of Transcendence. The dynamic of the Template model follows a momentum of exponential progress.

The Template

A Template Ceremony is an alchemically calibrated, holonomic convergence of sound, form and consciousness...

The Template Ceremonies permanently reconnect electromagnetic circuits that download the energetic nature of Source Consciousness into your energy field and endocrine system, activating your disassociation from the fear-based paradigm, initiating the collapse of programs that are reliant upon the synthetic matrix and re-embracing the Human hologram into the interactive, co-creative holography of the immortal continuum.

You become the portal through which Divine Consciousness flows.

Each coded ceremony reconnects circuitry that restores a spectrum of electromagnetic integrity that rejuvenates the endocrine system, rendering it more and more able to fulfil it’s optimum capacity as a bio-system that deciphers the Source Code of light.

The key to this shift in perception is forgiveness, the bedrock of the shamanic journey. To embrace forgiveness is to embody the living mandala of love, upon which is based the fundamental Human ethic, acknowledging your “response-ability” within the interconnectedness of all creation.

Although it is possible to be born with the Water Circuits connected they are almost always disrupted by guilt, regret and anger. Reconnecting these circuits clears these negative emotions, liberating relationships from destructive patterns. The reconnection of the Thymus Circuit activates the T-cells of the immune system. This has a powerful effect on health. With the reconnection of the Air Circuits, the pineal-hypothalamus-pituitary complex is revitalised, as the pineal is now enabled to receive the full spectrum of the geometric language of light.

Please note: As each successive Ceremony holds the potential of a subsequent spectrum of intelligence that builds on the resonant synergy of the previous code, The Template Ceremonies must be interacted with in the appropriate order (ie. there are no short cuts ;o)

Code 1

The Ceremony of Original Innocence

Code 2

The Ceremony of Synthesis

Code 3

The Ceremony of Sacred Breath

Code 4

The Source Ceremony