Sisterhood of the Rose

The Sisterhood of the Rose

A lineage of priestesses and mystics who devoted their lives to serving humanity and seeding light consciousness all over the Earth. A cross-section of ancient lineages, it is the path of devotion and beauty.

Rebecca Campbell

sisterhood of the rose


Beloved Mary Magdalene, Ignite the flame of love in my heart.
I am one with all and all is one with me.
My heart hears your whispers and I follow your trail of petals that allow me to receive your gifts of wisdom and compassion.
Help me to be a better person, help me to see the best in all beings.
May our planet be bathed in your light and love.
As you take back your rightful throne I am restored.


Sisterhood of the Rose

Walking this path means being devoted to seeing and creating beauty wherever you go. The rose symbolizes the heart and the sacred geometry of all life. You are being called to notice the beauty around you, particularly in nature and hear the whispers of Mother Earth.
You are being called to spend more time in nature, as all ancient secrets live there. Mother Earth is constantly whispering. Spend time admiring Her creations and you will be rewarded with insight and grace.
Work Your Light Action: Surround yourself with beauty and create beauty wherever you go.

Magdalene's Call

Have you heard her call? Do you feel drawn to the mysterious woman; Maria of Magdala? If so, you’re not alone. It seems that masses of women (and men) have literally woke up and smelt the roses.

As the new Golden Age creeps closer, we are blessed with yet another sovereign Sister of the Light sending forth her blessings in assistance of the restoration of humanity.

Mary Magdalene, Wife of Yeshua, Priestess of Isis, Apostle of Apostles, names she has many, but why is so little known about our divine sister priestess? Could it be that she is the missing piece of the puzzle that could turn patriarchy on its head?

Sisterhood of the Rose//The Priestess of Isis.

The sisterhood of the Rose were group’s of women that incarnated in Atlantis.

Priestesses of the highest order, rich in wisdom, and fully awake to the divine, to the flow of creative expression and heart felt communication. They were an anchor for goddess energy. They stayed this way through the darker ages of Atlantis towards the end and when it fell. They held strong and they have continued to incarnate throughout he ages maintaining the same work.

The Sisterhood of the Rose

Tens of thousands of years ago, priestesses of the goddess were gathering in circles of twelve groups and each group composed of twelve women, creating one hundred and forty-four, to anchor the energy of peace and harmony with the rose being the sacred symbol of the goddess. The Sisterhood of the Rose emerged under the guidance of the Central Race during Atlantian times.

This energy is now returning to women and men of all kinds with the guidance of the Pleiadians as the Galactic Wave of Love enters the planet during this cosmic cycle.

How can I access the Divine Feminine to enhance my recovery?

People all over the world are waking up and becoming enlightened to our global need for a shift in consciousness.

Many have attributed this collective spiritual awakening to the emergence of the Divine Feminine.

There are many different definitions of the Divine Feminine. It is a metaphysical concept. In many ways, it transcends human language. Nevertheless, in this article, we will attempt to define this sacred energy that exists within all of us. We will also tell you how you can tap into this energy to help you in your recovery and your daily life.

The vibration of love...

The energy of the rose is growing. She is blossoming and moving us into the vibration of love. However she is becoming impatient. She wants us to remember now and to take action.

She is inviting us to bring in our generative energy as a member of the Sisterhood of the Rose. There is something more – please pay attention to the life you are living now and move on from it consciously.

You deserve more and you are worthy. And please believe there is a reason you are here.

Have you figured it out yet? Who are you really? Well take action – please take action – just one step will do it.

Sisterhood of the Rose Retreat - Mt. Shasta

It is a potent and necessary time to leave your everyday life, enter the sacred realms and  receive the calibrations, initiations and activations that your soul seeks in order for you to transmit the high frequencies of LOVE you are destined to embody!

The Rose Temple is being erected in Mt. Shasta for this reason. This not just a weekend women’s retreat. 

It is a Rose Initiation Soul Pilgrimage for those ready to step into the next level of their becoming and reclaim their vows to be the ROSE.