Joanna – Star COLLECTIVE

Joanna – Star COLLECTIVE Mission: To guide you towards authenticity, to exalt negative traits into positive ones, to transmute and heal emotional pain and show you how to live from the heart. Bio | Skills | When to contact | Details Specialisms Shadow Work Parts Work Intuitive Somatic Awareness Inner Child Work Core Belief Work Emotional … Read more


Hope Mission: Loving yourself is the key to living a happy and fulfilled life. Through taking the journey back to finding yourself, your life will flourish in every area. If you are lost and not sure who you can talk to, I can help. Bio | When to contact | Details Profile LIFE PATH NO: … Read more

Gav Roberts

Gav Roberts Mission: Through Hypnotherapy I can help you solve your problems, unlock your potential, and awaken your soul. Bio | When to contact | Details Profile LIFE PATH NO: 8 SUN SIGN: Capricorn Specialisms Spiritual Hypnotherapy Special Interests Mysticism Spiritual Awakening Unity Consciousness Bio Back in 2000, hypnotherapy cured a ten-year problem I’d had … Read more


BoBoBlackbird Mission: I channel source energy and light codes to aid healing and clearing of energetic blockages, I can help you balance your chakras and support the clearing of negative energies from your system. Bio | When to contact | Details Profile LIFE PATH NO: SUN SIGN: Aquarius PERSONALITY: INFP Specialisms Energy Work Energy Clearing … Read more


ukSlinkie Mission: To help guide and support the 144 collective to recognise and apply their unique gifts to practical purpose / step on to their life path and soul mission. Bio | When to contact | Details Profile LIFE PATH NO: 1 SUN SIGN: Pisces RISING SIGN: Sagittarius PERSONALITY: ENFJ-T GEMATRIA: 144 Specialisms Marketing and … Read more

Crystals & Stones

crystals and stones

Crystals & Stones Use of crystals in healing includes; To align the chakras, where stones are placed on one, multiple, or all seven chakras at once In meditation, where crystals are typically placed in a geometric configuration around the meditator To support emotional healing, mindfulness and yoga Wikipedia In native cultures there are two important … Read more

Indigo Soul

Indigo Soul Mission: To support and empower adults with declining mental health spectrum disorders to recover from anxiety, depression, triggers & behaviour patterns that are preventing them from leading a happy and more fulfilling life. Bio | When to contact | Details Profile LIFE PATH NO: 7 SUN SIGN: LIBRA RISING SIGN: PERSONALITY: INFP Specialisms … Read more