Joanna – Star COLLECTIVE


Joanna - Star COLLECTIVE

Mission: To guide you towards authenticity, to exalt negative traits into positive ones, to transmute and heal emotional pain and show you how to live from the heart.


I’m a certified Spiritual Life Coach & Clairsentient Starseed. I’m an old soul, a Learner, a Shadow Alchemist & Integrator, an Authenticity & Self Awareness Guide.

Hello, there! My name is Joanna

STAR COLLECTIVE is a safe, non-judgmental haven for sharing my raw stories of grief and spirituality that you can easily relate to. Here, unspoken pain can finally be spoken! Why Star Collective? Because we’re all just stars wrapped in skin!⁣

I’m coming from a background of acute, chronic abuse, both physical and emotional and my intense life experience prepared me to be able to hold space and guide others to heal the wounds that I myself healed.

I believe we are all infinite beings projecting into this flesh for a while. I believe we came here on Earth to experience the wonders of the world through all of our senses, to deepen our understanding of ourselves, the world around us and of the entire universe.

But I mostly believe that we came here to learn hard lessons that are meant to guide us back home to ourselves.

My motto is “Your pain has a story. Become the storyteller” because I believe we all have our stories of pain, survival and hope. But we keep these stories hidden & we fear exposing them because we believe it is what makes us unlovable & defective. In order for us to become whole again, every story of pain needs to be told & every wound needs to be seen & heard.⁣

And so, the first step to healing is to let yourself be vulnerable & to show the world where it hurts the most: and you do that by becoming the storyteller of your own pain. I encourage you to do that.

I want to take you with me on the spiritual journey of discovering your authentic self and staying true to who you are, by unlearning your story of grief.


During our sessions, we’ll dive deep into the uncharted territory of your emotions to make sense of what happened in your childhood and the meanings you assigned to those situations. I believe that emotions are stored in the body, which is our manifested subconscious, hence I will guide you to get to know your body again & connect to it in order to truthfully heal.

The Shadow work we will be doing is a deep transformational process, it is not something to be taken lightly. It is the transmutation of painful emotions, painful beliefs and painful aspects of you into what is and has always been genuine and authentic about you.

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